Regeneration Through Consciousness

Regeneration Healing is also a consciousness-based program. It is a way of healing that has gone on since the beginning of time.



Course Description

Regeneration Healing is also a consciousness-based program. It is a way of healing that has gone on since the beginning of time.
However, this method of healing is founded on the scientific research of Russian Spiritual Scientists Grigori Grabovoi, Arcady Petrov, and Svetlana Smirnova. They documented many that had hospital documentation of parts of their body removed due to de-generative illnesses, such as teeth decay, kidney, uterus and others. With the treatment program they provided, these body parts not only grew back within their body but were also functional. Documented through Doctors and hospital proof even with a functioning uterus where birth was given to a healthy baby. This is great for proof of what can be done, but the ideal situation is to prevent the need for removal of any body part. Their terminology instead of regeneration is resurrection.

Modality Details

A spiritual healing group from the Azura Healing Zenter in Thailand went to Russia to be trained in this technology. The Thailand clinic is where my teacher Ken Graydon and his lovely wife Ann from Australia, were certified as Practitioners and Teachers. Somehow Ken found my email, contacted me to take his workshop, and I felt in my heart that I had to learn this – even though I had no idea what it was. I was compelled to drive to Phoenix, AZ for a weekend of amazing learning.

I studied and practiced on my clients to be amazed at the results and how easy it was. This gave me the background I needed to submit to become the first teacher in the USA. I have since taught many experiential workshops and certified many other teachers of this amazing work.

At that time none of the Russian scientist’s books were in English. I worked only with the book that Ken created from his experience in Thailand.  Soon I was able to purchase many of the books and proceeded to teach an extended version of this healing technique.

It is so easy to align with the creator within the heart field to create the changes needed for a person to heal as fast or as slow as they are ready to allow themselves too. This technique utilizes number sequences from Grigori Grabovoi and what could be called magnified prayers that utilize time-travel. There is a spiritual harmonious journey within one’s consciousness to assist in their restoration.

Some of the restorations include:

Room Clearing, Removing Blocks Process, Meeting Your Soul, Clearing the Past, Change of Events, Multi-Dimensional Clearing, Organ Regeneration, Tooth Regeneration, Regeneration of the Eyes, Birth Defect Process, Autistic Child Process – just to name a few.

Once a person learns to work within the field of the heart with this form of consciousness energy work, the sessions can be done at a distance over any form of technology.

I not only work with this technique with my clients, but I also teach it, so you can utilize it for your own self-care, your family, clients or become a certified teacher too.