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Emotion Code for Energy Healing

This is one of the most powerful yet simple approaches to energy healing. Great for your first sessions. It taps into your subconscious to locate and move stuck emotional energies from your body quickly & easily. Sometimes talk therapy actually traps emotions deeper, where this method reaches the origin of the emotion – and may not be what you think it is. You don’t have to remember what happened, or the moment, or experience the feeling of the situation. It may be a conglomerate of situations that has created this emotion to be locked within you.

We have all experienced how this life’s challenges can trigger emotions – some explainable, related to your personal life experiences. Some of the emotions that are unexplainable are from our ancestors carried in our DNA and perhaps the collective programs have accumulated around this planet as collective traumas. Some are what may be considered as past life trauma. For example, I have an unexplainable fear of being in and on water, being in a boat without a life jacket, not being able to see land. I have had numerous swimming lessons that I pass with flying colors but put me on a ship and I panic. No reasonable explanation for me to experience this. This technique has helped me beyond anything else I have worked with.

I have found that much of what we are dealing with is not all about this lifetime. Many of the stressors we are dealing with are related to ancestorial DNA, or Spirit, Soul, or Past Lives. I have also been shown something I didn’t know about until recently – multi-dimensional traumas.

Clearing Painful Emotions
Trapped emotions are the driving force behind common maladies as headaches, physical pain, sadness, anxiety, grief, anger, fatigue, pain, fear, PTSD, unexplained symptoms, not being loved or able to love, lack of success, strange things happening to you or your loved ones. Self-sabotage, depression, phobias, panic attacks and other traumas. All and more constitute forms of baggage weighing on you. These may turn into chronic illness, long-term depression, anxiety, soul loss or more. These unfelt, hidden to you, unacknowledged, and unreleased emotions are at the core of most of the body’s imbalances. It has been found that 90% of physical pain can be traced back to trapped emotions.

Understanding the Steps
To begin a session, I first recognize God and ask for help. This is usually completed before a client arrives. I clear my energy and prepare myself to keep each session individual to the person. I then follow the guidance I am given to conduct the session. I then listen to your ‘story’ of what brought you to me – in person or remote. I notice how you hold your body, how you move as you speak. If you are more compromised physically or holding onto a trauma memory or turmoil, how your voice fades in & out or the pitch as you speak. Your baggage around and within your body is a bio-energetic road map that shows me how to work with you. It is multi-dimensional showing me where to begin to assist you in your mental – emotional – physical – spiritual – soul journey to freedom.

Asking the Right Questions
Dr. Bradley Nelson, D.C., a holistic chiropractor and medical intuitive, has created a chart with 60 emotions listed in two columns, six rows each, with five emotions in each area. Each row is also related to specific parts of the body where a person may be experiencing symptoms. I use applied kinesiology to find the exact emotion to clear at that time. Together we decide on the questions to ask your body. The body always knows. The questions must be specific. There is a quantum physics reason – everything is energy – a thought, an emotion – every emotion has its own unique intensity/vibration. To get the right clearing – the right question must be asked to release the trapped emotion and only one at a time with each question. We may need to clear several emotions per question. The body tells us when it is complete.

Where do we Start
By utilizing applied kinesiology, we are able to decide where to start and how many emotions can be cleared with each session. I then run a magnet or my magnetic hand over the governing meridian of the body – from the nose, over the top of the head, and down the spine – where the emotional frequency is stored in the body. Usually five times over the head and down the spine for this lifetime. Ancestors or past traumas can take ten or more. I can feel the shift in energy as it clears. The client sometimes does too. We then move to another trapped emotion, until the question is resolved. If the body says we can do another question, we keep going. Sometimes a nap after a session helps a person re-calibrate the new energy flowing within the body’s neurological system.

Energy Barriers
There is also a deeper level of trapped emotions called a ‘Heart Wall’. It is an energetic barrier that prevents us from fully loving ourselves and others, and from truly enjoying life. We can release the stuck emotions that create these barriers to our joy and happiness. This method of clearing trapped emotions is a powerful approach to also help children, animals and those who are at a distance. For example, a friend had a horse that hit its head coming in & out of a trailer. It then refused to get into any trailer. I was called to the location and used Emotion Code. After a few trapped emotions were cleared, the horse was easily transported to many locations. Abused animals have benefited and have been re homed. A parent has been a surrogate for their child in clearing accident traumas, surgeries, stomach issues and many more.