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“Each of the Modalities or Consciousness Technology formats I work with all go back to this format, or belief system of healing oneself or others.”

All Consciousness Healing Technologies are based on being in a state of Heart centered intention, all in ‘benevolent nature’ with Trust in the Creator.

When you are in this state of heart/mind or neutrality you can access the real disruption to the physicality or mental/ emotional or life experiences. Once the information has been accessed in a neutral state – you as the healer, are not a part of the problem but can see within it to know what needs to be done to bring everything into a state of Regeneration of the Original Blue Print you were meant to participate with. The unadulterated you.

Disease, or dis-ease, may be defined as a disruption, cessation or distortion arising within the formation or function of all information fields. Physical and emotional injuries interrupt communication at the energy level creating a disruption or malfunction at the cellular level. The application of the each of these technologies individually or collectively re-establishes the flow of information so that the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies can better respond to stimuli in its internal and external environments. – Pat Forbes



About Patricia Forbes

I ride through the Universe helping you become younger, healthier and wealthier. I use advanced Earth healing modalities to raise your vibration so that you can experience more abundance, better health, more joy and more love. I work with the assistance of Galactic ET healers from the Intergalactic Federation of Light, who are motivated to bring Earth and humans into lighter, higher consciousness, motivated by their fundamental understanding that all universes and beings are connected and what impacts one impacts the whole.


Advanced energy healer, ET healer, Law of Attraction Coach, and Healing arts instructor