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Pat has been a Practitioner of Matrix Energetics for many, many years. She has attended all of the levels of the Matrix Energetics conferences and has utilized this information combined with the many other techniques as the situation arises. Matrix Energetics taught me the importance of FUN within the healing processes. When a person is so serious about what and how a healing technique must be administered or received, they are actually holding the thought patterns, the energy in a stasis or a state of none movement. To hold onto the old way of doing healing work, actually keeps the work from being all it can be. It is dictating just how much healing a person can have. It is a great way of being in the ‘state’ of ‘Thy Will Be Done.’

Matrix Energetics is the usage of light and information to create healing, self-care and transformation. It is powered by intent with faith and trust in knowing that observable change happens as fast as a person is ready to receive. It can be used with a light touch or with just focused intent which makes this easy to utilize for distance healing. One may be laying on a table, sitting in a chair or standing. It is all about understanding the power of unlimited possibilities to make the changes in this reality.

It may happen so fast that it appears to be magical but is based on subtle energy physics, and the laws of quantum physics, superstring theory and Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance. It is often noticed as a wave like feeling going through the body, sometimes to the point of having to sit or lay down if standing. Sometimes a few moments are needed for recalibration between applied intent. The body, mind and spirit are changing.

It is hard to define what is happening, but once you experience it – you just know something changed and it was awesome! A transformation has taken place at the quantum level.

There is no limit to the possibilities of transformation. It is all taking place on many dimensions at once. Sometimes time travel is involved to access information and light that is needed to assist in the change. The changes are happening on a micro level to be observed in the macro. The micro and macro are used to describe many of the changes on the quantum healing level of many of the techniques Pat has studied.

It is hard to describe – just know that it is exciting to know that you can make these changes within and without – with Love Gratitude and Benevolent Energy working in a state of trust and fun. All done with the speed of thought. It is one of the New Technologies within the New Paradigm of healing.