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Have you fallen in love with a location to build a house or start a business to have everything that is possible go wrong with the deal or the location seems blocked?  Permits won’t go through. Equipment fails. Strange accidents keep happening. The weather stops the moving forward. The water goes bad. Each of these are a form of an Energy Construct that is following the path of course based on either or all of a belief system or statement usually made in anger. Such as – You will never have this! – This land is cursed, it will never produce! It is mine! You don’t belong here! These are just some examples. The energetic statement was put into place with a lot of intensity – strong, lower vibrational control energy. It is held there until it is removed or dissolved.

When a trauma has happened on a piece of land, the land and water hold that energy. Such as a battle, a war, a removal of a person that belongs there – with great intensity, force, threats or killings. The energy stays there and is like a loop or playing the pattern over and over keeping the land and people reliving the event, not able to move forward – even many years later. People move onto the land that know nothing of what happened hundreds of years ago. It looks to be a fantastic opportunity or beautiful land or desolate land but a great deal. Nothing moves forward or does so slowly even with great intensions. These need to be healed, dissolved and cleared from the area for new movement to happen.

Challenge: The biggest challenge I have found in clearing any situation is dealing with what the people have gone through. So often a person that has purchased or wants to purchase a property has been through some horrible experiences before they call me. When they get their fears and anger involved with the situation, their emotional energy feeds into the situation. It creates an added-on layer each time someone goes through some related trauma.

It is a trauma/fear energy that gets activated creating another layer to the ever-growing energy construct.

Solution: I work on many levels at one time as I begin the process of sorting out the original cause of what is being experienced now. Sometimes I experience some rather horrific energies as I see what has happened in the past. Not only the original problem, but, if someone else tries to clear or change the construct of this situation & has gotten involved in the fear or drama of any emotional sort & finds that they can’t do what needs done or adds to the problem.

The original problem may have been a battle of any sort – army, dispute over a property boundary or cattle vs sheep territory, a wronged lover, an illness that wipes out the town, a gambling cheat, or just a little misunderstanding that was taken out of context. A business deal gone bad where the wronged retaliates in words, and maybe a getting even that went too far, maybe resulting in a burning of a building, a killing of someone, their family or livestock.

Sometimes it is just as simple as a haunting where someone doesn’t know they are dead, or they love the place and don’t want to leave.

I must go into a spiritual place where I am communicating with God and asking what happened and what to do. Sometimes I am shown in my mind or am told or impressed upon – what I need to do next to make this right. I may be communicating with the person’s involved – that of course are not in the physical. I may be letting them know that they are in the wrong place at the wrong time, but not quite in that manner. I may ask for their ancestors to come escort them to the other side.

If it is an informational construct created by any form of lower vibrational attitude – a curse as simple as saying ‘Go To Hell’ – or ‘F… Off’, or where the words are combined with an action – I have higher vibrational teams that I call upon to help me. Some may call them Angels. I just ask for the Team that is the best at this situation, to come forward. Afterall if a job needs done call on the expert. AA Michael has his specialty & it may not be what is needed here. So I ask for the specialist in this area.

We work together in a manner that is hard to describe. There are moments when I feel like I am leading the work & then sometimes I am holding space as I watch the teams do the work.

As far as clearing a business or land, I often go to the place of need. It is easier to work with the situation that is presented when I am on the property. I will also teach the owner about what I am doing and how they can do it too. Sometimes a property has been in a state of lower vibrations for so long, it needs a regular cleaning. I also teach the persons living there how to bless the land after the clearing.

Then there are the portals that are open to allow beings and energies from other places to come in or the other places can take energy from here.

Those take a bit more work. Sometimes they can be closed, or if not, then perhaps moved out of the area where they are no longer harming or affecting the persons involved anymore.

Lenght: Each situation is unique and different. To put a time frame on any of this work is impossible until I talk to those involved and get to tune into all that is involved. Sometimes it can be done in less than an hour & sometimes it may take several.