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This technique is aligned with the others I have taken, just a little different way of verbalizing the information. There is an activation with each level from the Arcturian Star System. All that is learned in this modality is done working with benevolent energies. Assisting others in the raising of one’s vibration to the highest level one is ready to align with and eases one into the vibratory planetary shifts. As I utilize this information while working with you, I am able to assist you in clearing more negative energies that invade your space that are sometimes called a succubus. There are many varieties of them that attach to you on the physical as well as the energetic level. I have had people so infested with them that they are suicidal. Once they are removed, their life force energy comes back on and they are ready to live life to the fullest.

Another important tool I now utilize is the clearing of the lifeline and timeline. So many are still attached to the proverbial apron strings or to a previous spouse or family member or job or dear person that has crossed over, or to the previous life energies of self or ancestors.

It is very important to disconnect from these forms of connection due to the co-dependent nature they keep a person hooked into. There is a time to let go of your adult children and let them be adults. Once this disconnection is made, communication is so much easier and clearer without the feeling of power and control. One also needs to disconnect from the programming of the past which is also held in a quantum entanglement within the lifeline and timeline.

As one works with the Masters of benevolent energies and being activated within each level, one’s skill set of working with the Gifts of the Spirit are increased as one Trusts.

There is the added reminder of your inner ability of healing from all illnesses, speaking to and listening to your Guides, Angels, and others that have crossed over as the situation calls for. Some call this Mediumship, or the channeling of information or energies not from oneself.

This technique as well as any other takes practice – to master your ability to create health, wealth and happiness. I utilize many of the techniques that are taught in this class along with the Consciousness Technologies which takes each skill to another level.