Client responsibilities

Your responsibilities in psychic healing work

Client responsibilities

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In an energy healing session, both the client and the practitioner have responsibilities, and each person plays a different part in the healing work that’s happening.

The job of the healer is multifaceted. She is responsible for:

(1) welcoming you and making you feel comfortable (ie. safe)
(2) answering any questions you might have
(3) providing a clean, comfortable table for you to lie on during a hands on healing session
(4) ensuring your physical comfort on the table (when in person)
(5) guiding the healing session and/or performing the healing. Sometimes the healer does the work, sometimes she is merely present while spiritual guides, angels, or ETs do the actual work, and sometimes she assists the healing team.
(6) debriefing you after the session and answering any post-session questions you have
(7) explaining any follow up care or homework you should do
(8) ensuring you got what you needed from the session
…plus more.

Your healer has a big job to do, but as a healer myself, I love the work that I do to help people and do as much of the heavy lifting as possible to minimize my client’s responsibilities and maximize his or her results.

But as the client, you also have responsibilities when receiving psychic healing work.

You don’t have to “do” anything for your experience to be highly effective. You just have to be willing.

Depending on your level of comfort and past success with healers, your willingness will vary.

You might be willing to receive healing. Willing to believe that miraculous healing is possible. Willing to be healed. Or even just willing to be open to possibilities.

Your job is to relax and be receptive to whatever healing is coming your way. Easy enough!

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With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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