Workshops for Energy Healing Professionals

Pat has been working in the Energy Healing and ET Healing field for over 20 years. In that time, she has amassed thousands of hours of training and many, many more in service to clients. Her workshops are tailored to Energy Healing professionals and individuals who want to access Quantum Consciousness techniques.

Topics like Matrix Energetics and Cellular Organ Regeneration receive comments like this one from massage therapist, Cyndy Mayer.

“[After the Matrix Energetics workshop] I went to and found I could really make a difference with this. I began to intuit and flow with the words in the process’ allowing them to become tailored to the client. I received promising feedback. Now that I am home, I practiced on a massage client and she said she never experience anything like this before. She said her back felt so straight and she could taste the Creator’s Golden Glue.

Thank you for presenting this important information in the special way that it came to me. I felt the codes and the processes coming through your voice and being.

Love, Rev. Cyndy Mayer

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