intergalactic force of healers

Why you should join the Intergalactic force of healers

intergalactic force of healers

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The planet was in serious trouble for a while being bullied by ETs, government and societal corruption, and pollution of the land, air, and water at a high rate of speed.

Add to that political oppression, crimes against humanity and human rights and it was a dark, dark energy taking over the Earth.

Luckily a group of extraordinary and benevolent ETs from the Galactic Federation of Light became concerned and stepped in.

They began sending volunteers to help heal the planet and its people in 1946.


I am an Earth-trained and Universe-trained healer of ET origin with decades of Earth experience as well as many lifetimes as a volunteer for the Galactic Federation of Light under the Ashtar Command.

Like the rest of the volunteers, I came here to help heal the Earth and its inhabitants.

We volunteers from the intergalactic force of healers use our ET gifts and guidance from our ET helpers to provide Quantum Energy Healing for both individuals and the Earth as a whole for the purpose of raising the vibration of the planet and global consciousness.

One of my special gifts and duties as a volunteer is finding and training other healers.

Because of this task I’ve been given, I’ve been guided to many Earth-bound energy healing techniques, and been shown advanced universal energy healing techniques as well.

Through my training and experience, I have developed new techniques of my own and created a training program for other healers and light workers.

The Earth needs as many healers as possible working with light and information using various quantum-based and consciousness-based energy healing techniques.

That’s why I’m calling on you to join the intergalactic force of healers.

If you’re curious about being a healer or feeling called in any way, I invited you to set up an appointment with me to learn about my exclusive Alchemy Universal Therapies Apprenticeship program.

You can contact me at or 970-566-2402 for information.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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