Use your imagination

Why imagination is your most important tool in hands on healing work

Use your imagination

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Whether you’re a client or a healer there’s an important tool that can change your experience in a hands on healing session: your imagination.

Your imagination is the gateway into your psychic senses.

As a client, the more you can visualize and “see” in your healing sessions, the more you assimilate the healing energy into your mind, body, spirit, and soul (your whole “being”).

Think about it. When you have a powerful experience and create a vivid memory of that experience, you can relive that experience over and over.

For example, have you ever been on a roller coaster? If you can visualize yourself going up and down the hills, seeing and feeling the wind whipping through your hair, feeling the exhilaration and excitement you felt in your chest at the time, then you can experience those same sensations again just by reliving the memory in your mind.

For healers, the more that you can visualize what’s happening with the client, the more powerful the healing session can be.

Imagine you can see in your mind your healing team coming into the room, performing work on your client, and seeing your client’s DNA be repaired to its original blueprint.

Imagine you can visualize an injury or disease in your client’s body, and you can see it being repaired as you correct the light and information surrounding it.

When you can see something happening and describe it to the client so that he or she can visualize it too, you have created very powerful healing with deep and lasting results.

You can practice using your imagination every day by closing your eyes and visualizing everything on your plate before eating, or every detail in a painting, or imagine seeing and hearing your child telling you an exciting story in an animated way.

The more you practice, the more you activate your intuition and healing abilities.

To learn how to activate your imagination for powerful healing join me as I lead groups through traveling the Divine Portals of the Universe. Journeys leave monthly.

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