healers are hard workers

Why healers are such hard workers

healers are hard workers

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Healers are hard workers—possibly some of the hardest working beings on the planet. It might seem like they have it easy. Their sweet and gentle demeanors make it seem like their work is low-key, maybe even boring.

Some of them are grandparents who you might think are enjoying their golden years, but don’t let them fool you, healers are hard workers.

When you go into a healer’s office, you’ll often find tranquil music, soft lighting, and healing tables covered with comfortable linens for you to sink into.

If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that your healer will have her own grounding and breathing techniques to keep herself grounded, connected, and circulating proper energy.

But most of this is for you, the valued client. There’s more than meets the eye and the healer’s job begins before you arrive.

Your healer first has to set up a comfortable environment to receive you. It has to be relaxing and you must be comfortable. If you’re not, there’s a chance you won’t release your energetic shields to allow yourself to receive healing.

Many times the healer begins tuning in to you long before you arrive – sometimes days before. Your healer has her own Spirit team of guides and light beings that start sending information about you when they feel your healer needs to receive it.

During the session, your healer cosmically tunes into what you need at that time. She’s working with the spiritual team that’s there to assist you in your healing.

Despite all of the work it takes, being a healer and assisting others in moving beyond long-standing issues is some of the most rewarding work on the planet.

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With Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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