What I learned about energy healing techniques from cows


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I grew up on a ranch as a young girl and every summer the family would go on a cattle drive. That experience with the cows taught me something important that I still use with my energy healing techniques.

We only had 1 day to get the cows to the summer pasture and the horses back down the mountains to the trailer so we had to be really present to the what was going on, paying special attention to how the herd moved.

My dad taught me to observe the behavior of the cows and, from that, to tell what was really going on with the herd. I learned how we could work with one of the old gal cows to help us with the timing of the drive.

I loved the whole experience—the outdoors, being with my horse, and spending time with my family. It was a beautiful experience.

I loved to sing on the cattle drives. One of my favorite songs was Rawhide—from the TV show. I would pretend to crack a whip over my head at the herd (like they did on the show—except I could never get a bull whip to work right) while I was singing. To me, this “job” was a purpose filled with Love and it opened my heart.

When I got older and became a healer, I would find myself singing Rawhide in my head at the strangest times—the wonderful memories of the family cattle drives putting me into what I call my Heart Field. From that place of Joy and Love, I realized I could make things happen; I could make traffic move, help my clients heal long-standing issues, and manifest amazing things in my life.

I learned that the Heart Field was a key to the powerful healing work I was to share with the world, and it’s at the core of everything I do and teach.

From the Heart Field I help people become younger, healthier, and abundant, and I can help you experience this too! For more information, contact me at or 970-566-2402.

The Cosmic Cowgirl rides again!

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