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Powerful Law of Attraction Meditation Activation to clean up your vibration from inside the Divine Money Portal.

The tunnel is lit with a yellowish glow and shadows within the folds of the spinning vortex. We slow our flight just a little bit to investigate these folds. They appear to be similar to the fold in a rug where the dirt and debris have been collected to be hidden from the immediate view of our own consciousness. I get closer to examine them better, I notice that they are of a dark, sticky and gooey substance. I don’t want to touch it. It is a very old collection of energy. No need to define it or label it. It just isn’t supposed to be here for the new vibration we are going to create. 

I call in one of my spiritual teams who help me in my work. This one is what I call the Cleanup Crew. They have the most powerful vacuum system available. All of the dark goo is pulled into impenetrable containers. The Cleanup Crew then removes the containers to an area where they will be emptied and cleaned without damaging the environment of the Galaxy.

Now, I see that there is greenery and healthy enzymes being implanted in the folds of the tunnel. When we participate in cleaning up the Divine Money Portal it also cleans out our own money systems.

I can now see the fluidity of the Divine Money Portal’s entry. There is a clearing for a deeper ride in. I am reminding my Avatar Dragon and my Spiritual Teams that we are on a journey to assist all of us in the quest for Abundance, including the Financial Abundance as we wish for it.

This is the beginning of Day 2 of the first month in my 12-month Divine Money Portal Activation Law of Attraction meditation series. This ride will take you into other realms and resolve your money and abundance issues through all time and space. To get the most out of the series, you might want to complete all 12 meditations.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude

Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

“This feels very powerful, Pat. We’re going to be changing DNA and doing some epigenetic work for the planet this month. I feel it in my being. Thanks for doing this.”