Universal Energy Healing, Constipation of the Soul

pic6Think of constipation. It’s “crap” you’re not letting go of. Our physical bodies are naturally meant to clear energy after we’ve gotten what we need out of it. We’re not supposed to hang onto our waste.

When food enters, we absorb the nutrients. But then, we’re supposed to let go of the left over substance. We’re not meant to use or keep all of it.

When we have an experience, we absorb the lessons and the gifts of it. But, we’re supposed to clear and release what’s left over. We’re not meant to keep leftover hurt, anger or resentment. We’re not meant to hang onto low vibration byproducts of our lives.

Universal Energy Healing techniques can relieve constipation of the soul.

As always, if you have any questions, just email me at pat4bs@msn.com.

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