Universal Energy Healing, Consistency is Key

pic1It’s time to jump start your body!

What happens to a car battery when you let a car sit idle for a year? Or even a few months?

The battery dies. You can jump start it and it will juice up, but if you park it and don’t drive it again it dies again.

It’s the same with your mind, body and spirit. If you neglect one aspect of your life it will deteriorate and die.

This is obviously visible with the human body. If you don’t exercise or fuel your body with the right foods your cells will slow, your vibration will lower and you’ll develop disease. This is not irreversible.

With Universal Energy Healing, you can jump start your physical body and reverse the aging and decaying process. But, it takes consistent healing in order to keep the body moving and the cells regenerating.

That’s why I’m not offering an Intergalactic Healing Journey, which provides for three months of consistent ET Universal Energy healing. Click here for the details of this phenomenal life-changing package.

For the month of February I’m running a special where it’s more than half the regular price. Click here to learn more.

As always, if you have any questions, just email me at pat4bs@msn.com.

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