divine portal of abundance

Traveling the portal of abundance from Colorado for psychic healing

divine portal of abundance

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In the beginning of the year, I led a group through an 11-day journey called the Divine Money Portal Activation. It was a powerful journey, full of psychic healing, with so much clearing and reaching up to new levels for each person who took the journey with me.

At the beginning of the journey, as I always do, I aligned my vibration with the collective of the group and the Creator. Then I mounted my dragon and looked into the Divine Portal of Abundance to see what we needed to do to make our journey through it.The goal of our journey was to activate the portal in order for each person to experience an abundance of health, wealth, youth, time or all of them!

In the entrance of the portal, I first saw dark swirling energies—a collective mess of things that were going to get cleared by all those who traveled with me.

My saddle bags of tools were bulging with the energy of what I needed to clear the way and start the journey. From my saddle bags, swords flew into my hands and I began cutting away the many, many hands of time stealers.

You know the time stealers well, I’m sure. They are procrastination, old rules that no longer work, boxes we have tried to fit into, old programming of who we are and what we’re here to do.

These limitations you experience that keep you from abundance might show up for you as old beliefs, addictions, job rules, family and generations of habits.

But my sword is mighty and once I cleared this out, the portal began to light up making the opening visible for us to dive into.

Each person on the journey mounted his or her avatar to enter the tunnel as it turned a beautiful golden-white welcoming us in toward the abundance we have always wanted.

Are you ready to start your journey? Check my website for the next journey to leave from Colorado (figuratively speaking). Or contact me at pat4bs@msn.com or 970-566-2402 to work with me privately.

The Cosmic Cowgirl rides again!

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