5 techniques to become a healer

Top 5 techniques for how to become a healer

5 techniques to become a healer

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So you think you might be a healer, huh? If you’re feeling it – being called to it, then chances are you already are one; you just haven’t stepped fully into your purpose or learned how to become a healer in earnest.

To give you an idea of the things you can do as a healer, I’ve compiled a list of five of the most important techniques I use as a healer and teach to other healers to bring their light into the Earth.

1. Hands on healing – This is the obvious one. Lay your hands on someone. Can you heal them? Have you ever healed a sick child, a person’s pain, an animal or a plant?

2. Distance healing – Same as hands on healing only you send healing energy over a distance. How does this work? Everything is energy. The Universe is multi-dimensional and contains a matrix that connects all energy. Only matter—our physical incarnation—is limited by time and space. Non-matter energy is not limited in any way. Intention is a powerful non-matter tool that is used to heal over a distance. Set an intention to heal and watch it do its work. 

3. Time travel – One of the ways distance healing works is by traveling back in time (remember, our physical bodies—matter—experience linear time) to the point before a destructive event occurs and heal it before it even exists. 

4. Psychic healing – The “gift” of intuitively knowing or sensing a problem and being able to direct healing to release that specific problem.

5. ET-assistance – This is what makes my work so unique. The Earth is filled with pure love beings from the Galactic Federation of Light who have volunteered to guide special healers here on Earth to heal the planet.

These are just five of the techniques you can use to heal your clients as a professional healer. To develop your healer’s gifts, contact me (pat4bs@msn.com or 970-566-2402) for a consultation into the amazing world of healing through Alchemy Universal Therapies.

With Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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