psychic healing

Top 5 reasons you need psychic healing

psychic healing

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Psychic healing is the ability of a healer to receive information from the Creator through internal senses about a problem, illness, or injury, then know how to use that information to create the change needed to return the person, animal, or planet to optimal health.

Healing shifts the energetics of an injury, illness, or disease which then allows a transformation to occur on the levels of mind, body, spirit, or soul.

Here is a list of 5 reasons to give yourself the gift of psychic healing:


1. Exaggerated empathy. When other people’s energies are too intense for you and you tend to take them on yourself so that you get a headache or overwhelmed by emotions, you need a psychic healing session. Those energies can be cleared and you can learn to protect yourself in the process.

1. Desire to manifest quickly. To do this it’s helpful for you to understand more about who you are spiritually. You can receive enlightenment during healing sessions which allows you to tap into your full potential and manifest what you want easier and faster.

1. Strange phenomena. Deja vu, strange signs of communications, awareness of a tragedy or family member’s death without being notified make us wonder what’s happening. A Quantum Consciousness Healing session can help you understand these occurrences.

1. Healing of physical pain. Physical pain can be influenced by energy healing. When energy becomes blocked or stuck by something like arthritis, kidney stones, or injury, pain can occur. A hands on healing session can restore the flow of your natural energy so that your pain is relieved and your body can repair itself.

1. Emotional and stress disorders. Many of your systems are thrown out of balance when emotional traumas or stress-related disorders occur. Quantum energy healing can help to release those conditions and restore your system to balance again.

Please don’t suffer alone. There is nothing too strange or unusual for Consciousness Healing work. If you would like some help, please contact me at or 970-566-2402 for a consultation right away.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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