fountain of youth

The fountain of youth energy healing techniques

fountain of youth

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With so many people trying to find the infamous “fountain of youth”, I’m here to tell you that Quantum Energy Healing is it!

There is no such thing as age in the quantum field. Everything just is. There is only now.

It’s in the third dimension that we experience time as linear so you will still experience your life on a linear timeline, but you don’t have to be affected—no matter your third dimensional age—by bad health, “aging”, or getting old.

Quantum energy healing techniques can help determine (and provide) what you need now in order to experience the perfect health and youth that you desire.

It may be that you need lifestyle adjustments to your diet or exercise. You may need to nourish your spiritual, psychic and/or mental bodies. You could need a mindset adjustment so that your subconscious mind is reprogrammed for youthful thinking.

In the healing session you may need attachments removed or garbage cleared from your energetic bodies. You may need regeneration or cleansing of organs. In my sessions I sometimes see IVs appear from my ET guides with instructions to insert into specific locations. These IVs contain the exact energetic nutrients, a plasma, or whatever my client is needing at that time to clear his or her organs restoring them to a healthy condition.

If it’s a curse of your subconscious programming, you may find that you call yourself an “old woman” or limit your activities because you’re “too old for that.” When you use this language, you’re causing your own aging. You’re programming your DNA to age rapidly. We can turn this around.

Start today by noticing the ways in which you’re young, vibrant, and healthy. Smile, feel into your heart and tell yourself how youthful you are. Feel your own vitality. That’s a start.

When you’re ready to accelerate the fountain of youth in your life there’s much more we can do. Book a Quantum Energy Healing session today and turn time backward.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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