hands on healing or distance healing

The difference between hands on healing and distance healing

hands on healing or distance healing

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There are many different modalities that healers do. Regardless of the modality, it all boils down to 2 things. Healers may work on you from a distance or in person.

Sometimes a healer works on you from a distance—usually over the phone or Skype (or sometimes they just work on your behalf without you having to be consciously involved). In this scenario, you could be across town, in another city or state, or on another continent. This is called Distance Healing.

The distance doesn’t matter. What the healer is doing is working with your energy or the Light and Information around you that is part of your etheric make up. None of these things is limited by time or space, and your energy, Light, or Information can be affected just as easily as if you were in the same room with your healer.

Other times you will be in the room with your healer, fully clothed and usually lying on a massage table, and the healer will lay her hands on you in various ways. She may place her hands gently on your head or feet, touch your arms or legs, or hover her hands over certain parts of your body—like your heart or throat. This is hands on healing.

Again, she is working with your energy, or your etheric Light and Information to make the changes you need for balance, harmony and healing. This is the same technique as distance healing only you are now physically present in the situation.

Some people prefer distance healing because they can work with their favorite healers regardless of where they are, or they can receive healing work on their behalf while they go about their days without being bothered to go to an appointment (It’s best if you create the time and space for yourself while the work is being done. Driving is probably not the best place to be while undergoing a healing session).

Other people prefer to fully indulge themselves in a hands on healing session in person.

Both types of sessions work wonders! Pick the type that’s right for you and make healing work a regular part of your self-care routine. Both types of sessions are available here.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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