heal your lineage

The Cosmic Cowgirl teaches energy healing courses to heal yourself through your lineage

heal your lineage

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I would like to offer you a healing visualization that was given to me through the Divine Money Portal Activation journey.

I encourage you to take a moment of meditation and feel into this visualization as you read it so that you can experience the healing that it offers.

I ask you to call in your healing team of Angels, Guides, Totems, and ETs now.

This journey is an activation to heal your lineage and open up to more abundance.

I see your relatives who have passed coming forward to remind you to clear yourself of the energy of lack going all the way back to when they were living on this planet.

There are energies of struggle, greed, temptations, death, starvation, sorrow, and fear for themselves that has been carried through the lineage to you.

They are coming out of the mist to you, in love and respect, asking that you clear the energy they carried and passed on to you. It can now be cleared from your lineage if you will allow it to go.

Following each ancestor back to the time period they lived, we recognize the turmoil of the situation and ask that it be cleared so that your DNA will no longer resonate with these lower vibrations.

This clearing is now available to all other living relatives who are ready to receive it.

Close your eyes. Allow yourself to breathe the release through all of your cells and experience the DNA shift as the emotional trauma leaves each ancestor in your lineage.

You may experience something that feels like grief or sadness, but know that it is just energy that is shifting and making room for you to be able to receive. Allow it to complete itself.

Notice that you are now feeling a little lighter and your personal vibration is changing. You may notice that you can see colors differently. The sky may be more vibrantly blue. Pay attention to the little changes and enjoy them.

Take time to notice what is different without regenerating the past.

You can register for one of our monthly Divine Portal Activation energy healing courses for just $11 and experience the healing live with the group as it happens.

The Cosmic Cowgirl rides again!

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