Clear your blockages

The Cosmic Cowgirl teaches Energy healing courses in Fort Collins for clearing your blockages

Clear your blockages

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Where in your life do you feel stuck?

Here’s a consciousness technique I first taught in my Divine Money Portal Activation for clearing any blockages from your life that are holding you back from moving ahead.

With the intention of clearing your blockages, stand with your back straight. Focus on your bare feet on the ground and pull the energy of the Divine up through you, all the way to the top and out of your head.

Feel the flow of the energy through your body.

Now bring the energy of the Creator down through the top of your head creating an electric-magnetic field running through the center of yourself.

Notice the intensity. Let it increase to the point of being able to really feel it.

Ask it to balance and harmonize with the cleared version of you.

You may notice how it expands from the center out to encompass your entire being, clearing out the old stuck energy.

The clean up crew is here to contain and take care of it.

Next, step into a shower stall where all of the colors in the Universe flow through every cell of your being.

Ask for the Rainbow Shower to clear the programs and emotions that are still creating a lower vibration within you, the vibration of fear, lack, and procrastination to be deleted and rinsed down the drain.

Notice how easy it is to let go of the traumatic energy you’ve been resonating with. As you do this, your DNA will also change to match what you are to become.

Clearing your blockages is just the beginning.

Take your healing and your life to new heights with more energy healing courses just like this one and move freely forward exactly where you want to go.

From Fort Collins,
The Cosmic Cowgirl rides again!

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