Summer Solstice, a Time for Spiritual Healing

When the sun reaches the highest point above the celestial equator, that is the signal that summer has begun. This year the solstice occurs at 10:21 UTC on June 21. Where Pat lives in Colorado, the time will be 4:51 a.m. MDT. Here’s a chart to find your personal solstice, wherever you are in the world.

The significance of summer solstice is joy and celebration in your progress. Solstice is a time for work, for getting those crops as tall and lush as you can make them. Take this day to re-visit your goals. Check in to see that you are on track to reap the best rewards you can. Whether it is a personal project, work on a relationship, or your soul journey, make it the very best one you can.

If you listen, others will be with you. Spiritual Healing is within your grasp.

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