Northern Colorado Contactee Monthly Meeting

for those who need a home away from home

Myself and MJ Olinger are the co-creators and facilitators of the Northern Colorado Contactee (NCC) Group, held monthly.

This monthly event is for like-minded ET experiencers / contactees to interact in a comfortable and safe space.

The Back Story
During my years in practice, a special group of clients became a big part of my client base.   We have many labels for these like minded people such as contactees, experiencers, star seeds, and ETs …yet all are deeply connected to their off planet families and star base.  Some commonalities they share are sightings, lost time, feeling home is “out there” and possible visitations during a dream-like state.

When these clients reach a certain level of trance during their session, they receive information and confirmation about their  connection to extraterrestrial beings and purpose for being here on planet Earth.

Clients discover such things as:

>  a past life as an off planet being who was sent to planet Earth to evaluate Earth’s evolving environment by collecting various soil and air samples in preparation for planet, animal and human beings to co-habit

>  discover they are a “hybrid” and/or have hybrid children

>  discover they are part of a counsel from their home planet / galaxy, sent here to provide a healing environment and bring Light to planet Earth / Gaia

>  discover they carry knowledge to be shared about new technologies to assist with clean air / water / ground  etc.

Clients are relieved and grateful to receive confirmation about what they thought was true.  However, many would say “now what?” because they did not feel comfortable in telling their family or friends for fear of rejection or worse.   They want to know how to connect with others that have similar experiences so they will not feel isolated or alone.  Over the years I have connected clients with one another, but only with their permission to do so and only upon request because my practice is about confidentiality between my client and myself.

I have followed Dr Steven Greer’s work with The Orion Project, CSETI  = Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and now the New Documentary  Unacknowledged  Disclosure Project.

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