generations of emotional stress

Spotlight on psychic healing: generations of emotional stress

generations of emotional stress

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I had a client recently through a distance healing session who told me she had adrenal fatigue.

I didn’t want to bombard her with information right off the bat, but her diagnosis of adrenal fatigue is actually a curse. I’ll get her some relief first and then educate her.

I used my medical intuitive abilities and an energy healing technique called Emotion Code that tells me which emotions are stuck in her body so that I can release them and restore her cellular DNA to its original state.

I was shown that she suffered from unworthiness that went back 14 generations on her father’s side, overwhelm from 23 generations back on her mother’s side, and shame from 5 generations back on her father’s side. None of this was her fault, yet she was suffering from these emotional blockages in her lineage.

To work on her, I went back to the origin of each emotional blockage and performed a healing session on a hologram of the ancestors where the problems began. This restored the DNA to original blueprint. I then sent the corrected DNA through all time—forward and backward, and all lineages so that the lines were restored as if the problems never existed.

She has told me since then that she’s craving greens and healthy food (because her body is working properly again this is what it craves to remain healthy). She’s noticing her body’s response to unhealthy food and it has become easier to make healthy choices. This may seem small, but for her it has been something she’s struggled with for years.

This is the kind of psychic healing that I do for all of my clients. No matter what the problem, there is healing that will help you experience the transformation that you want. For more information on DNA-deep, lasting change, check out my Intergalactic Healing Journey.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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