intergalactic healing journey

Spotlight on energy healing courses: Intergalactic Healing Journey

intergalactic healing journey

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The unique work that I do is a combination of quantum energy healing, consciousness energy healing, and universal energy healing (plus more).

It is designed to:
• bring you optimal health
• reset your financial patterns so that you create more abundance
• correct dis-ease with organ regeneration
• work the body-mind-spirit-soul as a whole entity
• create DNA-deep, high vibrational change
• stop or slow down the aging process
• eliminate inherited disease and generational patterns and curses
• help you communicate with your own spirit guides and ET helpers
• and heal past life trauma

all of which helps you become your best self.

But becoming your best self can take some time. How long was the journey to develop the problems and dis-ease that have brought your life to a screeching halt?

My guess is that those things didn’t happen overnight.

So, to reverse and heal all of your issues, it may take us a few sessions to get you sorted out.

Not because healing isn’t instant. Healing can happen faster than you can have the thought about it.

But, your human body needs time to recalibrate once we make a correction, and it sometimes needs repetition to hold a higher vibration once we get you there.

Think of it this way, if you parted your hair on the opposite side of your head right now, would you expect it to stay that way forever after you just did it once?

Of course not. You would have to train it. It’s the same with your healing and frequency.

That’s why I created the Intergalactic Healing Journey package. It’s designed to hold space for the deep healing you need spread over time so that your body can hold the changes.

This journey includes 6 healing sessions, personalized coaching emails, extra email questions, and inclusion of your intention in my weekly healing manifesting meditation.

You will experience a continuum of healing from the time you schedule your first session through the end of your our journey together so that you can make the transformation you desire.

No other energy healing courses or sessions will give you the depth of healing or knowledge as the Intergalactic Healing Journey. Whether you’re a client needing healing or a healer wanting training, your journey starts here and now.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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