A Small Tweak Can Make a Difference: Energy Healing for Life

While there are many different types of Energy Healing, Pat Forbes’s favorite one to use is Matrix Energetics.  Created by Dr. Richard Barlett, DC, ND, the quantum consciousness method of healing helps people see the energy structure around the body. Appearing like a hologram, trained healers can then reach into that lattice and make changes.

“We learn to reach into certain situations,” says Pat. And in doing so can tap into the knowledge needed to help her client anywhere in the world. She finds the correct information and can then patch it back into her client. Often, she says, the correct information comes from the client’s own blueprint. “We reach back to what that person agreed with their Creator that they should be. Copy the original plan. Bypass all the trauma that has happened and paste the correct information into now and all time going forward.”

As a certified Trainer of Matrix Energetics, Pat offers regular workshops to other healers. Check her workshop schedule for your opportunity to learn from one of the best.

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