Seize the New Moon – Spiritual Healing D.I.Y.

Every 28 days the moon cycles from new, through crescent and half phases to full. Then the process reverses itself. The new moon, or dark of the moon is the phase when the sun is shining on the back side of the moon, and is not visible to the Earth.

That phase is a huge opportunity for change. Pat says, “It reminds us that things will continually change. If you don’t embrace that principle, things will change anyway whether you want them to or not.” 

So you might as well focus on change that you want. It’s spiritual healing do-it-yourself. Tomorrow, March 30, is the new moon. Write your intentions down. Note what you want to get rid of and what you want to see in the next month. Then burn the paper in your own ceremony so the ashes can return to the Earth. Going through that process is an alchemy of sorts. By telling the Universe what you want to see changing, you are stirring the energies around you. Keep focusing and we’ll re-visit your goals on the next full moon, April 15.

May the Universe bless you.

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