Reiki vs. Alchemy Universal Therapies Energy Healing Techniques

new1Often people want to know the difference between energy healing techniques that are out there? What’s the difference between Reiki and Alchemy Universal Therapies? Having become a Reiki Master Teacher in 1999, I have first-hand knowledge of the growth of these energy healing techniques and technologies, which will be discussed further in my internship program.

There are several. For one, Reiki is a completely different type of energy healing technique. It was revolutionary at the time of its conception, however energy healing is constantly evolving as more and more humans wake up to their own light and become healed, coming back to a state of wholeness.

As such, healing modalities must be constantly evolving and Reiki would be a more static modality as it is uniformly taught and practiced. Essentially, Reiki is used to move energy through the practitioner’s body to affect the client’s body. The energy is only as clear and clean as the practitioner is.

This is not to say that a particular Reiki, Healing Touch or healing practitioner has let their skills get static, many of them have evolved their own skills past Reiki, becoming certified in other modalities and developing skills outside of strict Reiki, or other rule-set practices.

However, Alchemy Universal Therapies has continuously evolved as a healing modality, making it more advanced and effective than many older energy healing techniques.

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