gifted healers

Quiz: Are you one of the gifted Colorado healers?

gifted healers

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Everyone, in my opinion, is a healer of some sort.

Whether you’re a teacher, artist, dentist, therapist, mechanic, waiter, pilot, graphic designer, or anything else, at some point, you are providing healing and help to someone in need.

In the spiritual healing realm, anyone can learn energy healing techniques.

It doesn’t take a special gift that’s only available to a few individuals to do so.

But just like there are people who can naturally carry a tune with ease and grace, so too are there healers who are naturally gifted in the art of spiritual healing.

I created a quiz for you to tell if you’re a naturally gifted healer. Mark Y (yes) or N (no) below.

1) Y / N  You have strong intuition that you recognize easily and you trust it.
2) Y / N  You can see or sense what’s wrong with a person without being told and you’re usually right.
3) Y / N  You can help someone feel better by laying hands on them, being near them, or talking to them.
4) Y / N  You are drawn to energy healing techniques.
5) Y / N  You have been told that you have a natural gift.
6) Y / N  You can communicate with your spirit guides.
7) Y / N  People often ask you for help or advice with their problems.
8) Y / N  You can communicate with plants and/or animals.
9) Y / N  You feel a strong concern for the planet.
10) Y / N  You have an insatiable desire to learn about spiritual healing.

Do you have more YES answers than NO? Congratulations! You are very likely a naturally gifted healer.

To learn how to use your gift in a fruitful and powerful way, you need an experienced healer and teacher to guide you through a structured training program.

I have created an exclusive healing modality called Alchemy Universal Therapies and am now enrolling in my Level 1 Apprenticeship program. Spots available in Colorado or via distance learning.

Please contact me at or 970-566-2402 for more information or to enroll.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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