Quantum Energy Healing

  • optimal health
  • reset financial patterns to create more abundance
  • organ regeneration corrects dis-ease
  • directly addresses mind/spirit/body connection
  • medical intuition to discover the root of the problem
  • create DNA-deep, high vibrational change
  • stop the aging process
  • time travel back to the origination of a problem and reverse it
  • eliminate generational patterns and curses
  • eliminate inherited disease
  • help you communicate with your own Spirit Guides and ET helpers
  • heal past life trauma 
  • become your best self

I’m Pat Forbes, the creator of the exclusive Alchemy Universal Therapies. This is a very powerful energy healing modality which uses advanced conscious technologies that can help you with your physical, spiritual and emotional health. Physical health, emotional issues and traumas, genetic memory, DNA and many types of dis-ease can be corrected with the assistance of Alchemy Universal Therapies. Because quantum energy and consciousness are pure light and information this modality can also help with non-physical issues such as relationships and money problems.