Quantum Energy Healing, Traditions and Routines

new15Human brains enjoy routines and traditions. They ground us and make us feel safe and secure. They bring us comfort and joy.

If you always go to Grandma’s house for Sunday dinner and Grandpa always says the blessing, and pot roast is always served, you always sit in the same chair, the same stories are told over and over, there is something comforting and reliable about that.

But some traditions, routines and structures can be detrimental to your health.

When we keep our minds on the path most traveled it can sometimes have terrible effects. In neuroscience they call this ruts in our brains, it’s habitual thinking and sometimes it puts us into Morphic Fields of Dis-Ease, Decay and Death.

Pay attention to your thoughts. If you keep hearing the same negative thinking over and over and over, it will negatively impact your life and your health and your finances.

Quantum Energy Healing can help you transform your thoughts so that you can get into the Field of the Heart easily and create a Regeneration through Consciousness.

If you would like more information you can just email me at Pat4bs@msn.com. I’m always available to support you.

Image courtesy of NASA

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