Quantum Energy Healing, Time Travel

new23Quantum Energy Healing is something our linear human mind has trouble grasping.

The convention of time is one of those things that are very difficult to understand in

terms of healing.

For instance, how long does it take to cure cancer? How long does it take to rid

yourself of the flu virus?

It’s impossible to say, because healing doesn’t occur on a linear level. It occurs in the

Quantum Field.

In the Alchemy Universal Therapies modality that’s where the primary healing

occurs, in the quantum there really is no such thing as time. The Universe is

happening all at once. Of course, the human mind can’t wrap it’s brain around this

concept, especially in today’s culture of busyness and our “time is money” belief.

What this means for Quantum Energy Healing however is that it’s possible to “time

travel” back to the origination of an event that caused an illness or a limiting believe

that’s blocking health and abundance.

This can be difficult to understand, if you would like more information you can just

email me at Pat4bs@msn.com. I’m always available to support you.

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