Quantum Energy Healing Courses, Change is Challenging

newest13To get what you want or to change a pattern sounds great, but it’s really quite challenging. Because it’s change. Even good change. Sometimes you want a new job, but when you get laid off of the old one, it’s quite challenging to adjust to the change in your routine, your identity, your pay.

It can be even more so when you’re dealing with a generational pattern that’s effected your family’s health or finances or relationships for hundreds of years.

When the pattern is broken you might feel lost or untethered. One of the things you learn in Quantum Energy Healing Courses is to both hold the space for challenging change, and also how to walk your clients through the rough patches so they can get the maximum results from their own healing work.

If you have any questions about this, please email me at pat4bs@msn.com. I’m always happy to support you.

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