Quantum Energy Healing, Changing DNA

new3We often think of DNA as fixed and unchanging throughout our lives. We get half

from our mother, half from our father during the original cell fertilization and that’s

it. We’re stuck with it.

This is far from the truth. DNA does change over time, according to our habits,

lifestyle and even through spiritual evolution and Quantum Energy Healing.

During the human genome project scientists expected to find a cancer cell. A piece of

DNA that contained cancer and would produce it. They didn’t find that at all. What

they found was that certain cells can be “triggered” to mutate into cancerous cells,

but the controlling factor was lifestyle and foods such as cruciferous veggies.

What science hasn’t accounted for is how our thoughts and beliefs trigger cells. Our

thoughts and beliefs can trigger cells to mutate into cancer, or to age backwards,

literally becoming younger with every year. This can be achieved with Quantum

Energy Healing.

Eating the right foods, non-GMO, organic high vibrational foods, is critical to

maintain good health and to reverse the aging process and illness.

Also critical is eliminating negative thinking and turning limiting beliefs into

positive high vibrational thoughts that encourage good health and good DNA.

This can be difficult to understand, if you would like more information you can just

email me at Pat4bs@msn.com. I’m always available to support you.

Image courtesy of NASA

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