Quantum Energy Healing, Alchemy Universal Therapies

new1Alchemy Universal Therapies is a unique, cutting edge-healing modality, which uses Quantum Energy Healing to bring a person back to the “original blueprint” of who they were always meant to be.

You were not meant to be ill, tired, depressed, anxious, broke or unable to experience love. None of us were.

We were meant to be joyful, healthy, vibrant , loving and abundant. All of us were. It is how Spirit, or God, or the Universe created us.

It is only through life, and history, and beliefs and misunderstandings from the Universe that we pick up illness or breakdown our optimism and begin to age or “turn on” genetic cursers that interfere with our inherent “perfection.”

With Quantum Energy Healing we’re not dealing with a three-dimensional earth body alone. We’re working in the Quantum field, the Matrix that binds the Universe together energetically, and healing takes place in every dimension during every time simultaneously.

This can be difficult to understand, if you would like more information you can just email me at Pat4bs@msn.com. I’m always available to support you.

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