psychic healing is like riding a horse

Psychic healing is like riding a horse in Colorado

psychic healing is like riding a horse

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I grew up in Colorado on a cattle ranch and riding a horse is as natural to me as breathing.

There are so many subtleties to riding a horse that you may not be aware of if you’ve never ridden one.

If you want to communicate with your horse, you can talk to him using your voice and words which he may or may not understand and respond to (usually only if he’s trained that way).

But how he really communicates is through your subtle body movements, your energy, and your psychic communication.

In theory you can completely control what your horse does without ever saying a word, simply by moving your body and directing your energy in certain ways.

If you’re nervous and tense, your horse will pick up on that and may be nervous too.

If you’re angry, he’ll most likely put you firmly on the ground.

But if you’re relaxed and planted firmly in the saddle, he’ll feel your ease and will be able to flow with your energy.

Want him to turn right? Become one with your horse. Then you can gently use the reins and shift your weight to the right and your horse will follow your silent command.

Is he feeling unsettled and anxious about the situation he’s in? You can relax and be in your own power of knowing yourself and your horse and he’ll follow your lead.

This is Horse Zen – if there is such a thing.

Psychic healing is similar. I’m directed by invisible forces to the source of your problem and to the solution to heal it permanently.

As a medical intuitive I can tune in to your energy fields and feel where your energy is “off.”

As a psychic healer, I can see or feel, without you telling me, where you have pain or dis-ease in your body or in your business, so that’s where I start.

And in all cases, I’m guided by my healing team of angels, spiritual guides, ETs, and the Creator to focus healing where it’s needed the most.

Your healing begins as soon as you set up an appointment because your intention has been set. What are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment and start your healing now.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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