Cosmic Cowgirl

Psychic healing and the Cosmic Cowgirl

Cosmic Cowgirl

The Cosmic Cowgirl

You’re noticing a big change around here and I thought I should explain what you’re seeing.

Hi there, I’m Pat, the Cosmic Cowgirl!

Many of you probably didn’t know this about me, but I grew up on a cattle ranch when I was young.

Every year I spent time on the summer cattle drive and, because it was just a way of life for me at that time, I learned to observe the behavior of the cattle. We (it was a family affair) had to always be aware of what was going on before it happened. One of the many things that we dealt with was paying attention to how the herd moved and the timing. We only had 1 day to get the cows to the summer pasture as there was no place to leave them over night, plus get the horses back down the mountains to the trailer.

There was often an old gal out in front of the cattle herd who wanted to be in the lead. She didn’t like to follow. She knew the way. She had done this many times before.

 As she got older she became slower.
So if she was holding up the herd too much, one of us would go up front and drive her back to the back of the herd, but she didn’t like it back there. And as my Dad taught me to, I watched her, she would speed up and push her way through the herd—clearing the way as she went—back up to the front. The point was to pay attention to what the real problem was, not to what was just in front of you.
Along the way we would sing once in a while—at least I did—either out loud or in my head. One of my favorite songs was from the weekly TV show Rawhide. I could never get a whip to work like they did, but I pretended a lot while singing this song.
At the time I was doing this job, I thought it was fun! I loved my horse, the outdoors, singing Rawhide, the freedom of just ‘being’, even with the destination already set and a job to do. But to me it wasn’t a job. It was a purpose with Love and it opened my heart.
A few years ago I realized that I would be singing Rawhide when I was driving & moving traffic. By that time I had taken quite a few Quantum Consciousness Workshops where I learned about how energy works when a person is in their heart space with Love and Joy.
Instead of going into anger about rush hour traffic or worry about getting to my destination on time, I would be happy, this song would come to mind and I would see a shiny, golden bull whip reaching out to the furthest car or problem that was slowing up traffic. It would crack at that moment, spraying shiny wake-up sparks on all of the other cars in front of me as if to say wake up, pay attention, ignore the bright & shiny distractions including the cell phone. Before I knew it, traffic was moving along and I would get to where I need to be in plenty of time.

When I told one of my friends how this technique worked on traffic, he said to me ‘Well, Pat, you’re just a cosmic cowgirl!” I actually had shivers cover my whole body! I knew it was the right description of who I am and what I do.

So now I am a Cosmic Cowgirl who rides through the Universe helping people become YOUNGER, Healthier and ABUNDANT!

As a healer I use psychic healing techniques within the universes where I am told exactly what you need at this time for your Body, Mind, Spirit & Soul.

I reach into my Magical Saddlebags & pull out what is going to help you the most! Quantum Energy Healing sessions are available. Contact me at or 970-566-2402 to schedule your session.

All done with the Creator in Truth, Love, and Gratitude,

Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl
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