Star DNA traumas

How psychic healing can clear Star DNA traumas – Part 2

Star DNA traumas

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In part 1 of this article I told you about how I learned I have Star DNA from 150+ star systems that contains memories of traumas from those systems.

Because of the cellular memories of terror that we can carry in our galactic make-up, we can easily be triggered emotionally by things we encounter now. This was happening to me which caused me to go to hypnotherapy…

Shortly after, my client Jackie (not her real name) came in to see me. I knew she had ET stuff in her family so I decided to tell her my story, and as I described my hypnotherapy session I noticed she was shaking. We both knew then that she too had been a “splice-in” within this program. As I started to work on her I was told she has 7 different star systems that need to be cleared.

We have been working to clear her one system at a time because each one is so big. The first one required re-wiring and calibration of her electromagnetic fields. A group of Star Beings came into the room to work on her. I was able to see parts of what they were doing, and they instructed me on what to do to assist. Sometimes they had me at her head, or holding a knee or foot; sometimes just watching.

The second session was even more awakening for us. I had worked on her before for her extreme sensitivities to EMFs, cell phones—the WiFi was the worst. I was told I had to raise her vibration, but I hadn’t yet figured out how to get past the blockages on this one. Now was the answer.

A new group of loving ETs entered the room to help clear this particular star DNA. Again, I was able to assist and this time they showed me the cause: the electric wars from that star system and the horrifying damage they did to those beings. It was awful. This trauma had been spliced-in to her DNA and she was suffering in the “now” because of it.

She’s had 2 more sessions with me. Each time we work on a new star system, a new group of loving, caring beings comes in to do the healing work.

We are continuing the process of her clearing and she is functioning better with each healing session she receives.

I continue to help other clients clear genetic memory that’s been encoded into their DNA and understand their ET origins as well.

If you have unexplainable problems that just won’t go away, you too may have ET DNA that needs to be cleared. We work heavily on your psychic healing in the Intergalactic Healing Journey. Check it out and contact me at or 970-566-2402 to schedule a session.

With Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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