Star DNA traumas

How psychic healing can clear Star DNA traumas – Part 1

Star DNA traumas

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For years I’ve been using the Emotion Code technique on myself and my clients to identify and release trapped emotions and traumas that cause us pain and suffering. Through this work I found that we carry traumatic emotions from our ancestors or anytime before our birth into this lifetime.

Certain things can trigger the stored emotions and we try hard to rationalize them away because we have no experience that tells us how to fix them.

For me, I was experiencing this internal terror that I tried to blame on family problems, or needing more sleep or different supplements or different healing work.

I was really being triggered by the darkness unfolding on this planet — religious wars, governments all over the world controlling people with fear, the polluted food we eat and air we breathe. The tremors I was experiencing were too overwhelming so I blocked them out for many years.

Then I started having flashbacks of being on starships, so much so that I decided to have hypnotherapy to help me figure it out. Long story short, during my hypnotherapy session I saw ETs perform DNA splicing on me at my creation. When they spliced in DNA from the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies, to their surprise, the DNA was not clean; it contained memories of the traumas of those galaxies. The ETs were upset and surprised at how I was being affected by the the bad Star DNA. They knew the other volunteers would be affected as well.

My hypnotherapist asked them to clean up my Star DNA as much as possible that day, but I knew it would take a long time because I’ve been told I have at least 150 different Star Systems’ DNA to clear. I am continuing to work on clearing them with my ET team as much as possible.

Now is the time that Starseeds or spliced-ins (those like me who have Star DNA) must clear ourselves on all levels so that we can hold the higher frequencies. I have several clients who need this same work and we are clearing each Star system DNA one by one.

If you are being continuously triggered emotionally and can’t find a solution, you too may have Star DNA that needs to be cleared with psychic healing, quantum healing, or consciousness healing. You CAN feel like yourself again once you are cleared. To learn more, read part 2 of this article, or check out my Intergalactic Healing Journey.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl


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