Cosmic Cowgirl

Pat Forbes

Cosmic Cowgirl

I ride through the Universe helping you become



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Are you a healer?

learn advanced consciousness technologies




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Starseed and Earth-ET Assistance

discover your true origin

recalibrate ET DNA to Earth body

heal traumatic memories encoded in DNA

heal the planet

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Pat Forbes

Cosmic Cowgirl. Master Energy Healer. ET Healer. Advanced Instructor/Mentor.

I ride through the Universe helping you become younger, healthier and wealthier. I use advanced Earth healing modalities to raise your vibration so that you can experience more abundance, better health, more joy and more love. I work with the assistance of Galactic ET healers from the Intergalactic Federation of Light, who are motivated to bring Earth and humans into lighter, higher consciousness due to their fundamental understanding that all universes and beings are connected and what impacts one impacts the whole.

Raise your vibration.

Alchemy Universal Therapies Energy School

  • learn advanced consciousness technologies
  • learn to receive light and information
  • grow your healing practice 
  • learn protection techniques
  • learn energetic boundaries and ethics 

Divine Portal Activations

Ride through the Divine Portals with me as we activate our abundance, joy, relationships and connection with the Divine. All twelve portal activations (11 days of activation each) will soon be available for purchase. Click here for more information. 

 Full Series I Coming Soon!

Learn the most advanced energy healing techniques on the planet Earth today. All seven courses that make up Series I will soon be available for purchase. Please stay tuned for updates! Click here to find out more. 

Who can clear you of a nasty virus, straighten duck feet, heal chronic bloating in the abdomen, correct past relationship trauma, increase your income, eliminate acne caused by genetic DNA infested with mold spores and explain what your origin is, why you’re here and what to do with that information? Only Pat Forbes. I’ve been working with Pat for over three years now and what I have learned from her has been phenomenal. I started to see her as a client and end up learning so many healing techniques it has made me a much more effective healer.

Tracee Sioux
Tracee Sioux Author & Spiritual Business Coach The Year of YES!, Sioux Ink

In one month over $500,000 flooded into my business after working with Pat. I’m a lawyer, and a successful one. But I hit a patch where I was completely cash poor. I wasn’t attracting clients who could pay, or clients were not meeting their financial obligations and I couldn’t seem to get new ones. After one session with Pat it was like a complete financial “reset.” Thanks Pat! Amazing!

D.J. BrewerCash Poor Lawyer

This is going to sound crazy and impossible but I promise you that it’s not. I was a duck-footed competitive salsa dancer and a healing touch practitioner. I went to Pat and she said we needed to work on my feet. My feet hadn’t really been bothering me but I had always been embarrassed about them. They are size 11, flat and duck-footed. Not “dancer’s feet.” After the session I stood up and my toes pointed straight like dancers feet. Over the next month my feet literally shrank an entire size. Miracles happen with Pat. Miracles you didn’t even think to ask for.

Anna Koclanes Healer, Dancer

Alchemy Universal Therapies Healing Modality

I’m Pat Forbes, the creator of the exclusive Alchemy Universal Therapies. This is a very powerful healing modality with advanced conscious technologies which can help you with your physical, spiritual and emotional health. Physical health, emotional issues and traumas, genetic memory, DNA and many types of dis-ease can be relieved with the assistance of Alchemy Universal Therapies. Because quantum energy and consciousness is pure light and information this modality can also help with non-physical issues such as relationships and money problems. Find out more

Alchemy Universal Therapies Energy School

Alchemy Universal Therapies Healing School offers workshops, eCourses and certification programs. These courses will help you become a powerful healer in your own right. In addition to my dozens of energy healing modality certifications, I am downloaded very frequently with new information about energy healing techniques that spirit guides and ET-healing assistance are bringing to Earth for our well-being and thriving during our time here on Earth. This information is new and unique to me and my modality. If you’re a healer and want to improve your skills this might be a modality that you are being called to. Find out more.

Alchemy Universal Therapies Starseed and Earth-ET Healing

I have Cherokee heritage and I also have a significant amount of ET DNA, which was spliced in by beings from the Galactic Federation of Light in utero. I was one of thousands of volunteer souls who have had lifetimes in other dimensions and in other Universes and have experienced extraterrestrial incarnations. So many of us have. One of my specialties is to heal and assist other “Starseeds” and Earth-ETs (other ET/human hybrids) who have also been put here to heal the planet. Recently I have been shown how to help these human hybrids recalibrate to the Earth environment and eliminate the effects of trauma caused by the Intergalactic Electric Wars, the memories of which have been passed down through genetic memory in our ET DNA. Find out more

Disclaimer: Please note that all references to the words healing, healed, healer and all other associated language is used in the spiritual, not medical, sense. I am not a physician or a medical provider. I am a spiritual energy worker who’s purpose is to bring light, information and love to the planet by assisting your in your own self-healing.

art by Tracee Sioux, and Seth A. Dennon,