Overcoming Energy of Fear

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Overcoming the energy of fear using a Law of Attraction meditation activation.

Fear is a negative thought energy that gets in the way of many things, including Divine Money and Abundance.

Today as we continue on our journey through this Divine Money Portal, I am noticing music being played like it was in old black and white films. I can see the violin, the stage with the velvet curtains, the conductor, cushioned chairs and you are sitting in the front row, with very few people in the auditorium.

It feels like you’re sort of auditioning for a position in the next phase of life, though not knowing how to move forward, you’re stuck in an energy loop. I notice many of you taking a break, sitting on the spiraling ledges which are like steps to sit on. You’re chatting with others in the group, ignoring the person being auditioned.

You have the feeling of being invisible, the lack of respect for others and self, the fear of who’s turn is next, yet you have a flirty attitude along with beer and cigarettes as props. Everyone is wearing clothing from the 30s, 40s and 50s. There is still a feeling of recovering from war and much pretense about who you are to yourself and to the world. This is a very strange energy loop.

I have asked the Divine what we are to do with this and why is it showing up at this time?

I am told that there is an energy which is still resonating within the group related to all war, a depressed economy, moving in and out of this depression, money, jobs, but wanting and ready to have a little fun too. Some of us are still stuck within the energy of what was with a fear of moving into the now. The energy of knowing what it is like to be where you are and afraid of what it would be like if it were different, not able to recognize that it might be better than ever imaginable.

As you continue with month four of my 12-month Divine Money Portal Activation Law of Attraction meditation series, remember that your Angels, Guides, ET helpers and other types of teams are with you as you go through this very personal shift. Join this ride as I will take you into other realms and resolve your money and abundance issues through all time and space.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude

Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

“Today was very emotional when the mother dragon breathed on us, both the 1st time and also when she thanked us. I haven’t felt anything like this since the earlier January activation when we went thru the Divine Money Portal.”