Number of healers in CO is growing

Number of healers in Colorado is growing

Number of healers in CO is growing

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A healer is a person who works with energy on mind, body, spirit and Soul levels to release blocks, relieve pain, clear emotional wounds, and more.

As society continues to awaken and raise consciousness, the need for healers will continue to grow.

Right now there’s an upsurge of healers coming out of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Why? Because of an exclusive healer training program I created called Alchemy Universal Therapies that goes beyond traditional healing methods like Reiki or Healing Touch.

This program is for those who are “gifted” with a strong sixth-sense. Those attracted to this program are typically sensitive to energy around them and can help people feel better by laying hands on them. These people are natural healers who want to learn to use their innate abilities so they can make a difference in the world like they want to.

I created a checklist for you to tell if you’re a natural healer. Give yourself a check for each item that’s true for you:

_____ You have strong intuition. You sometimes doubt or don’t recognize it and you want help trusting it.

_____ Your empathy is out of control. You take on other people’s emotions too easily and you want to learn to control it.
_____ You can help someone feel better by laying hands on them, being near them, or talking to them.
_____ You often know what’s wrong with someone because you can see or sense the problem in their body.
_____ You are drawn to alternative healing techniques like hands on healing or psychic healing.
_____ You feel that you can communicate with spirits, angels, or ETs to assist others in healing but want to know how to harness that ability consistently.

These are just a few signs that life as a spiritual healer is part of your Soul purpose.

Just five spots for Alchemy Universal Therapies apprenticeships are now open. If you would like to find out about your Soul purpose as a healer, contact me at or 970-566-2402 for an in-depth consultation right away.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude

Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl
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