The New Speed of Universal Energy Healing

pic8We’ve turned a corner in Universal Energy Healing in 2015. Many sensitive people can feel it. We’re normalizing our energy and we’re becoming accustomed to the new speed of Information and Light that’s being given to us for the purposes of saving the planet.

Information and Light is being downloaded to me so quickly now, it’s sometimes hourly. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by my need—my calling—to deliver this information to other healers so that they can serve their own families and clients.

I feel so compelled to teach other healers these very important energy healing techniques, and I am both excited by the things my ET guides and spiritual angels are delivering to me and constricted by linear time.

It’s because things are happening so quickly now that I’m taking apprentices one-on-one for the Alchemy Universal Therapies Healing School. Each person is coming with their own background and knowledge. One-on-one training allows me to teach every person at the exact level in which they need the new Information and Light.

Learn more about Alchemy Universal Therapies Apprenticeships.

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