Neutralize Toxic and GMO Food with Universal Energy Healing

14To maintain optimal health it’s wise to eat organic, non-GMO foods. However, because of the way our agricultural system is it would be impossible to eat completely organically with no GMOs. You can go to great effort, but it’s not possible to completely avoid toxic chemicals.

Happily, you can use Universal Energy Healing to neutralize the effects of this toxicity in your body. Many people already do something similar by praying over their meals. They express gratitude to God for the provision and they bless the food so that it be healthy and nourishing.

Close your eyes and put your hand over your plate of food and say “God, bless this food so that it heals and strengthens me for optimal health.”

If you want a specific process for GMOs please email me privately. It is from the Regeneration Workshop information.

As always, if you have any questions, just email me at

Image courtesy of NASA

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