A Money Magnet Meditation for Healers

pic5I want to teach you a simple energy technique that will increase the abundance of your life. This works for healers and non-healers alike.


It’s a simple process that relies on intention and repetition. Essentially, it could happen in one single session. However your vibration is different each day as you do this process. So essentially, each day you are beginning a new level of anchoring the vibration of your intention into the cells of your body, carrying it out to all of your energy fields and to the Universal Fields. But the repetition anchors the practice in the cells of your body. The more you do that, the more you believe that it is true and real for you.


The process begins with a blessing of water that enters your body, to clear and cleanse it. Then there is a special clearing technique which sends any dark or negative energy around you into the Universe. You will then repeat an affirmation and declaration of abundance. And complete it with gratitude and a present tense promise of it as a current reality.


One of my clients did this process for the month of February and she made $78,000 in sales over the next few months.


You can get the entire Money Magnet Meditation by clicking here.

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