Meditation-Time Stealers

Law of Attraction: Time Stealers

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

As I began this meditation/energy session – I aligned my vibration with the collective of anyone and everyone who comes into contact with these experiences and the Creator.  

I looked into the Divine Portal of Abundance and it was dark with swirling energies. I realized that all of you who are involved in this event have a collective mess of stuff which is going to get cleared throughout our year-long journey. 

I suppose you can hang onto it if you really want to, but you are here for a reason. The reason we have all been brought together is because we have a lot of matching “weird stuff” working in the “collective consciousness” to keep our dark blockages active. So I advise you to let it go as we do this work together.

Here we go! My Dragon breathes a huge flame of light into the dark, illuminating the path. My saddle bags of tools are bulging with the energy of what is to be done next.

Swords fly into my hands, then I start cutting away the many, many hands of Time Stealers. These hands represent procrastination, the rules that don’t work, the boxes that we have tried to fit into and the age old programs of who we are and what we are to do here. Some are old beliefs, job rules, family patterns, and generations of habits. I get glimpses of many of these. So many different realities to keep us from our abundance. They keep us from Abundance of Health, Wealth, Youth, Time, and whatever you’ve been trying to achieve.

This is the very beginning of my 12-month Divine Money Portal Activation Law of Attraction meditation series. This ride will take you into other realms and resolve your money and abundance issues through all time and space.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude

Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

I love how you refer to the ‘collective mess of stuff’ that we all have going on–I envision that as a rather thick, tarry mess. And the time stealers so resonates! Procrastination, yes, but also simply how I perceive time. I got so much done yesterday afternoon–and the time seemed to be going much slower than normal. I really liked that! And I also recognized, as I went for a walk, how I have many negative thoughts randomly circling around in my brain. I don’t even know how long that’s been happening! But I’m now conscious of those thoughts and recalibrating each time I notice them appear–not beating myself up, but replacing them with memories of wonderful experiences that feel much better. Can’t wait for what else comes up! Much love to you for doing this work!”