It’s not your fault. Psychic healing for your ancestors.


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Many times we can start suffering from an ailment that seems to come out of nowhere with no explanation for its arrival.

As an advanced healer, when this happens, there are a few places I check for problems that goes beyond what other healers have the training to do.

I’m a medical intuitive so I check inside your body and look at your inner workings to see what’s going on.

I look at your DNA to see if you have Star DNA. (Some of us who are volunteers for the Galactic Federation of Light accidentally received Star DNA that was tainted with emotional trauma. That trauma has to be cleared.)

I also look in your past at your ancestors. This is where I find a host of trouble!

When your ancestors, in any number of generations back, experienced accidents, trauma, injury, or illness, the Light and Information associated with them got distorted by the event and that problem got encoded into their DNA.

Each generation after them then brought forward the encoded DNA and most certainly experienced that problem in some physical, emotional, financial, or spiritual way in their lives.

The pattern that started with your ancestors has never been broken so it just gets repeated over and over again with each added generation.

Some have worked hard enough to overcome it, but there’s often an underlying energy of the trauma that later causes the illness related to come about.

I have the ability to break the cycle by offering healing to your ancestors.

When the afflicted ancestor receives healing and the source of the problem is cleared—the Light and Information is restored to its positive state—I carry that healing forward through all generations, through all dimensions, and all time.

Once this happens, the problem then never existed and your body can recalibrate and you will experience a positive shift in your life.

Experience the deepest healing of your life by booking a session now. It’s not just you who receives the healing work. It might just be your whole lineage (at no extra charge!).

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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