make up your own healing techniques

5 steps to make up your own energy healing techniques

make up your own healing techniques

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There are many formal energy healing techniques out there with classes to take or certifications to get.

This leaves lots of people feeling like these are the only options, and if they aren’t using an established healing system, then they aren’t really doing healing work.

But this isn’t true. Did you you know you can make up your own energy healing techniques that are just as valid and work just as well as the older, established healing techniques?

I teach this my Cell Organ Regeneration workshop and people are always surprised. I get feedback like this:

“Just knowing I can also ‘Make UP’ my own process was so freeing and empowering! Now I can help others make a shift and change that they want.” ~Lynnzie

“Learning all the various healing techniques at the Organ Regeneration Workshop and the ability to make up my own technique is mind boggling!… Despite the jet lag, I enjoyed every minute of the workshop. You made it easy for us to understand all the processes.” ~Susan

Making up your own technique is easy. Try these 5 steps:

(1) Open your mind, take a deep breath and connect with your heart field

(2) Ask the Creator, your spirit guides, ETs, Angels or whatever Light Beings you’re working with what is needed for your client in that moment to heal {insert the client’s problem here}.

(3) Notice what information comes to you. Use your imagination. It may come as visions, sounds, smells, vibrations, feelings, etc.

(4) Take the action that has just been given to you in faith.

(5) Express your gratitude to the Creator and/or the guides who helped you.

You have just created your own technique. Follow this process with each client and you are naturally customizing your sessions to your client’s personal needs.

To learn more about creating energy healing techniques, check out energy school.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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