healing team

How to work with a hands on healing team

healing team

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Often when I do a hands on healing session with someone, it’s just me and that person in the room together… Or so it would seem.

The truth is, I rarely work alone. That’s because I have a healing team that works with me almost all the time.

My healing team comes in to the room at my request during sessions to assist me in clearing away old energy from my client and repairing the energy fields so that healing can occur.

They might also do bigger work as well. This might include things like clearing unclean Star DNA (if you are one, like me, who has Star DNA in your make-up) or removing implants.

Sometimes it’s the other way around.

They’re doing the work and I’m assisting them by standing where they ask me to, placing my hands where they direct, or plugging in an IV filled with healing plasma or fluids to an organ on my client that needs it.

Who is my healing team?

My healing team is comprised of the Creator, angels, spirit guides, and ETs who are volunteers of the Galactic Federation of Light. I only work with those of the highest and purest light and integrity as part of my starting protocol.

It’s not always the same beings who work with me in each session. For instance, I have a client with DNA from 7 different Star systems that needs to be cleared.As we work through each Star system, a different ET healing team will enter to do the clearing for that system.

Did you know that you have a healing team too?

Each of you is surrounded with your own specific Angels, Guides, Totems, and/or ETs who routinely work with you whenever you ask for assistance.

When you want their assistance, you can call them in and visualize them arriving to help you with whatever you need.

To learn more about working with your own hands on healing team, book a session or contact me at pat4bs@msn.com or 970-566-2402 for more information.

With The Creator in Truth, Love, & Gratitude
Pat the Cosmic Cowgirl

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